Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become a very popular form of visual correction, and their use is growing rapidly.

There are basically two types of contact lenses:

Rigid Gas permeable

Huge range of materials and designs, can be made to fit any eyeshape
Sharper vision – especially for those with astigmatism
Ortho-K – Nocturnal lenses, the new revolution in contact lenses, which you wear overnight to gently reshape the cornea, and then you take them out in the morning, and can see all day.

Soft lenses

Daily disposable – ideal for occasional wearers, for sport or social use
Weekly disposable
Monthly planned replacement
Torics – to correct astigmatism
Coloured – to enhance, or change completely the colour of your eyes
Continuous wear – new silicone hydrogel material allows up to 31 days continuous wear


We use advanced, computerised corneal mapping systems to accurately measure, and check your eye surfaces. This gives far more comfortable lenses, and a very high standard of aftercare.

Direct Debits

We also have a direct debit plan, RENEW, which covers all your eyecare, lenses, and solutions in low cost, monthly payments, with substantial savings over normal RRPs. Renew patients also get 25% off their glasses, and can pay them interest free over 6 months