Spectacle Lenses

There is no point in having great eye care, great frames, and bodging in cheap lenses, so we do our own glazing in-house to ensure that we keep the quality that we want for our patients. We buy the best lenses we can, and by showing loyalty and commitment to these lens suppliers we can negotiate excellent deals for the worlds best lenses, from Nikon, Hoya, and Essilor.

Single vision lenses are kept small to minimise thickness, and we can get specially made surfaced lenses to help for the slightly thicker powers. This is especially important for children, as they will not want to wear thick, heavy lenses.

We strongly recommend coated lenses for every day use, as they are more scratch resistant, and offer better vision – especially for night driving.

Lenses don’t have to be thick any more either, with the latest “designer” lenses coming in a growing range of materials, all designed to be thinner, lighter, and easier to wear.

Transitions lenses are also becoming more popular, and these lenses will double up as sunglasses, and indoor glasses – at reaction times that were unheard of just a few years ago.

Newer materials include:

Trivex – new technology polycarbonate lenses, thin, light, and virtually unbreakable

Polarised – ideal for outdoor sports, or fishing, or driving

Stylis – the latest version is Stylis 1.74, which is wonderfully thin and wearable

Lantal 1.9 – the thinnest lens in the world, from German giant Zeiss

DA 5 – the thinnest plastic lens around, from Nikon

New lenses and designs are being brought in all the time, so ask us for the thinnest lens you can get, and we will advise you of new additions.

Multifocal lenses have probably changed the most, and the newest Nikon Presio Seemax, Hoya iD, or Essilor Physio can be fitted into the modern shallow frames, so you can enjoy thin, light weight trendy glasses at any age. These newer designs offer wider reading areas, less distortion, and digital freeform surfacing to keep them as thin as possible.